Famindo Group is a company that has established good cooperation with TNI, POLRI, BASARNAS and BIN. One of the companies owned by Famindo Group is PT Famindo Inovasi Teknologi (PT FIT), a company engaged in drone technology and continues to innovate further in the drone sector.

The development of drone technology in Indonesia is still rare, due to the lack of technology support, as well as education on the use of drones by manufacturers and developers, so that consumers of drones in Indonesia are still very minimal and prefer to use drones produced by foreign technology.

VISION: Become the Best Drone Manufacturer in Asia

1. Advancing the work of the nation.
2. Accommodate the needs of various drones from various needs.
3. Increasing TKDN elements (Domestic Component Levels) according to government directives.
4. Become the best after-sales drone center for various types of drones.