PT. Lievee Ciptatama Indonesia

PT. Lievee Ciptatama Indonesia


With the increasing levels of competition in today’s business world and the need to outlast every competitor,
you need a higher level of eciency and eectiveness along with support from adequate, accurate and
reliable technology both in terms of hardware and software.

In order to achieve better eciency and eectiveness, every piece of technology in your organization
have to work together in synergy. Communication, collaboration and integration between dierent
technology in your organization need to be crafted and designed to minimize waste and to maximize outcome.
PT. LIEVEE CIPTATAMA INDONESIA, established in August 2010, focuses its operation in providing customized
services to design and to deliver an accurate, reliable, cost eective, integrated system and technology in
timely manner.

Before deciding to set up a company based in Jakarta, the founders already had many experiences in solving
diverse problems that arise on many occasions for many dierent customers. With the growing demand from
our clients and the need to have a clear legal entity, the founders decided to work together to form a
registered company.

Today, with the support of the experienced team with various expertise, PT. LIEVEE CIPTATAMA INDONESIA is
committed to providing customized services and consultancy in accordance with the requirements of our clients,
which may include:

1) IT System Consultancy
2) Customized System
3) Embedded Hardware System
4) Electronic Communication
5) Electronic Security System
6) Real-Time Online Transaction